Jim Reed’s severe weather photography takes on new meaning after the events of hurricane katrina in new orleans; the timliness and boldness of his photos give the storms/weather real impact. The photo directly above this paragraph shows the impending doom of hurricane gustave on new orleans; the large size and extreme force of the storm is implied by its reaching past the edges of the photo and encompassing the buildings in the scene.

Journalists must know where to be, where the action is. I suppose in some ways, the weather channel makes Jim Reed’s job of photographing severe weather, such as hurricanes, easier. A hurricane gradually reaches land, thus providing Jim Reed enough time to plan his trip to the frontlines of the storms.

I particularly like the photo of his chase vehicle and the tornado coming out of a bright blue sky; weather is somewhat predictable, but always changing and adjusting. This dirty-looking tornado is descending to the ground from a bright, happy sky, creating an interesting juxtaposition that grabs viewers attention.