I would like to take another photography course, however i would enjoy a workshop format over lecture and readings. I am a hands on learner and prefer to take direction and advice with device in hand and instant commentary.

BUT, i was doing some research looking up photography workshops for amateurs and hobbyists; i cant afford these things, but some interesting tips and exercises were helpful.

The first is the idea of a photo walk, where you grab your camera and just walk around. Im sure this is not news to you or any other avid photographer; however, i am not either of those things. I find myself enjoying taking photos when i get into the “groove”, but its not my top choice of an activity. I often see things that i would like to take a photo of, for example the moon and pink and purple clouds right over the downtown skyline yesterday around 5pm. It was beautiful. (that would have made for an awesome panoramic…. if i had had my camera handy!) I think walking with the purpose of taking photos would be better for me to get into the habit of carrying a camera with me at all times; if i plan to go somewhere and photograph, i find myself in the same situation as when i shot the volleyball game: i get engaged in the event itself rather than photographing it.

I suppose photographing the fair was an exception to this usually correct observation, but that has more to do with the fact that the fair is disgusting than anything else.

A few tips for the department/class:

-include a card reader with the camera equipment

-get larger memory cards for the cameras

-buy more audio recorders

-in class, spend more time doing work with the camera; i think many people go into this class believing it will be more like a workshop than a lecture.

-i think a class photography walk once a month would be helpful; this would give students a chance to use their cameras in a variety of locations and under the guidance of the professor. Also, this will provide an opportunity for the professor to provide tips on how to compose images, properly expose outdoor settings, etc. (I think this could become an assignment as well. The photography walks could serve as a quiz grade)