I love children; they are innovative, creative and expressive beyond the capabilities of most adults. I think that is what attracted me to the subjects of my audio visual slideshow.

I have come across many websites providing tips for photographing children, of course, after my photographing endeavors to capture the Salisbury way of life.

What i found most interesting about these tips is that they are a reinterpretation of the portrait and interviewing tips found in the book; it makes complete sense, because children are people too.

In viewing examples of commercial children’s photography, i noticed a distinct difference between my own images and the ones on the web. The most obvious is the lighting and tone; my lighting is not the greatest in many of my photographs. These photos, however, im sure were created using studio light setups and are shot to convey a sense of innocence, fragileness, and preciousness. The lighting is soft, halo-like around the children; most of the photographs remind me of images shot in the first sunlight of the day during the hour or so when the sun casts long shaddows with hazy light.

My purposes for photographing the children were different from those of the above; i was hoping for the gritty, raw and unplanned nature of children rather than images of the romanticised ideals.