The 3 hours in the life assignment delt with the same subjects, however i met up with Karen and her children in the afternoon, thus missing many important hours in the day.
For this additional shooting, i carried my laptop and camera and recorder to the house at 7 am. As such, iw as able to photograph some of their first moments of the day together, the chore of making breakfast, getting ready for school, and lugging Emma and her baby things everywhere Karen went.

I think everyone, including myself, was very comfortable during this shoot. Even more so than the first time. There were  afew moments in which i morphed from fly on the wall photographer to “here can you hold her for a second?” and “its breakfast time. have a pancake!”

I was very glad to have my computer handy as i took a LOT of photos; it was easy to transfer the photos and edit them during periods of downtime when the baby was sleeping and the little boy was entertaining himself or at school.

The little boy was so excited to be in the photographs; if i had had more time to get a good interview out of him, i could have easily made a second audio slideshow just of him!