A few of my classmates posted their audio slideshows online and i was able to see them before class.

I found Amanda’s video entitled “Twins” to be captivating in its conciseness. There is no question of what her story is about: the inseparability of two brothers facing a split at due to different graduation dates. I think she captured the inseparability of the two well: especially with the opening scene that cuts back and forth between the brothers playing a word association game. This opening sequence provides a clear sense of shared knowledge between the two brothers, adding to the inseparability of the twins. Also, Amanda’s audio quality was AWESOME! there was almost no noise in the background, and the voices were crystal clear. I appreciated the way she placed a photo of each speaker at the beginning of their audio segment; although, as they were twins i couldnt really tell them apart anyway.

I found Courtney’s video to be well done, but unoriginal. When the video first began, i thought i was watching a posting of Sarah McClaughlin’s “save the animals” video from television; Courtney used the same song and similar images of sad-looking cats and dogs as her opening sequence. Also, i found that the interview and story itself lent itself toward an advertisement rather than an exploration of a person’s story. I would have liked to hear more about the adoption process, or an interview from someone adopting a pet that day. Some of the animal photos are very appealing, as photos of animals are. I felt that there were not enough of photos displaying interaction between people and animals or staff and visitors to the Pets Inc shelter. Her message comes across in the emotional sense;  i felt supremely guilty and wanted to go rescue about 12 puppies at the end of the presentation.