Of these images by Dean Alexander, Baltimore, MD.


I find archetectural photography to be very calming; the repetition and patterns reinforce the comfort of the stability and safety of the building or structure itself. I especially like the last photo i have posted here. The single man looking out of the window emphasizes the relationship of man to his creations. Dean Alexander took these photos for IBM’s annual reports as a sign of growth and integration. The final photo i think adds another element missing from the first two: the man, the individual. The figure seems insignificant to the huge buildings and wide expanse of structures lining the horizon; however, it was man who created such masterpieces. The structures contain the man, house him, protect him; but the man who designed and built the structures in the first place was contained by no bounds of the imagination. Alexander’s photography captures this sense of imagination and possibilities in his unique photographs. The buildings themselves represent an integration of imagination and possibilities: for it was possible to create the figment of one’s imagination. Alexander repeats this process in taking the photographs, and the viewers repeat it again as we lose ourselves in the repetition and design.