i am particularly fond of a series of photos i took when Karen and her son are washing their hands together. It is a small moment, but important in his education on cleanliness and health. The light coming from above the sink shines down directly on their hands, making them the focus of the images as they are the lightest hue. The boys face is framed inbetween Karen’s arms, adding to the intimacy of the moment.

My goal for this shoot was to catch small moments that may be taken for granted or otherwise unacknowledged. I think i accomplished that goal with a variety of scenarios, settings and tones. Also, i took on many different vantage points; sometimes i was on the floor below the children, sometimes at their eye level looking up, at their eye level looking directly ahead, and other times at karen’s level or above (it was very nice of her to let me stand on the couch and chairs).