I have a problem shooting events, apparently of any kind. Volleyball is not a sport i particularly enjoy or care about; i do not follow any teams, players or records. I respect the athleticism and teamwork involved, however it is not the sport for me. I thought that this would provide an easy segway into photographing sports because i wouldn’t be interested in the subject matter like i would be at a football or soccer game… I was dead wrong. I found myself cheering on multiple occasions, chatting with the father of one of the USC players in the stands, and sometimes ignoring the camera altogether.

I don’t like photographing sports or action; i feel as though i do not have control of the situation and get extraoridinarily frustrated. Although with other projects, like the 3 hours in the life, i did not have total control over the scenario as it played out in front of me, there are many visual and situational cues that can foreshaddow a moment or event. I am sure that volleyball and other sports are no different; it is possible to learn a team’s plays or a player’s signiature move; however, i was not that invested in the sports action assignment.

Give me light pouring in through a window and a familiar setting and i will be a happy photographer =)