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I found this photo assignment to be extremely interesting and moving. I have an interest in the social interactions of people and the psychology of familial relationships; although Karen (the mother) does not have the most *exciting* lifestyle (as opposed to a firefighter or surgeon or model), her day to day interactions with her children and the few other adults she sees are interesting and exciting in themselves. I tried to capture moments that you take for granted or dont think about on a regular basis; many parts of her life, being a stay at home mom of two children under four, are repetitive and almost instinctual due to how habitual the action is.

For example, wiping her son’s hands with cleaning wipes after he picked up trash in the parking lot is not headline news, but is a precious moment in itself. The symbols of hands are appealing to audiences: there is something about a mother’s hands interacting with her child’s hands that moves viewers. Also, speaking purely in symbology now, the white cloth is a literal representation of cleanliness, but also a metaphorical symbol for purity and innocence, two attributes associated with children.

Another favorite moment occured when Karen was buckling her children into carseats. Her son, Harrison, was fascinated with my camera and awkward position in between the front seats of the car. As such, his eye contact pierces into the vision of the viewer; for such a young and little boy, his eyes seem to reflect a deeper level of understanding than one would naturally equate with a three year old.